do not buy, sell piano accordions
do not buy, sell piano accordions

We do not buy, sell, service or appraise chromatic or full size piano accordions.

Bellinger's Button Boxes

Bellinger’s Button Boxes is a small enterprise focused on the restoration and tuning of button accordions and concertinas. Scott is assisted by his son Eric and Eric's brother-in-law Daniel. Eric and Daniel have become experts at revalving, repadding, waxing and many other critical restoration tasks. Scott performs the tuning, fine reed work and repairs. Scott worked as a woodworker and machinist while studying to become a design engineer. A musician for 55 years, Scott has a passion for bringing old button accordions “back to life” and newer instruments into prime playing condition. His background in both design and fabrication combined with a trained musician’s ear has resu...

Instrument Sales

Rather than restoring and tuning instruments to my preference and then listing them for sale, I prefer to determine the customer’s preference and then restore just the features that are important to the customer to keep the cost minimized. This also allows me to tune the instrument to the buyer’s preferred “wet/dry” tremolo configuration. Look in the CUSTOMIZE section for current inventory.

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