Restoration Services


Repairs can be performed on any instrument. Send pictures with a brief description of the problem or work you would like done. I may be able to give an expected range of costs from the photos. A firm quote can only be developed after physical inspection of the instrument but can occur before work begins. Shipping costs to & from are the customer’s responsibility and are non-refundable. All repair work is guaranteed for one year.

Typical restoration activities are:
  • Revalving reedplates
  • Cleaning/derusting reeds
  • Rewaxing reedplates onto reedblocks or directly onto reedpans
  • Minor bellows leak repair (frame interface and corner leaks)
  • Flattening reedblock bottoms to minimize leakage
  • Repadding key pallet faces for quietness and better sealing
  • Replacing bellows gaskets
  • Keyboard repair or replacement
  • Sticky button troubleshooting
  • Button travel limiting
  If you plan to travel near Rochester, New York, USA you are welcome to stop by. Please send a message on the About/Contact page to make an appointment.