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Weltmeister Cajun button accordion 4 stop, key of D, like new

Like new condition Weltmeister one row 4 stop button accordion in the key of D.

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Product Description

Like new condition Weltmeister one row 4 stop Cajun button accordion in the key of D. This nice instrument looks new and was manufactured in Germany recently. It has a 10 button keyboard and two button basses. It is in four voice LMM+H configuration thus has many sound options such as: L,LM,LMM,M,MM,MH,LMH,LMMH,LH,H. The stop are ‘active down’ so with the common LMMH setting they remain open during extended play. Some 4 stop boxes are ‘active up’ and suffer from slowly creeping down while playing. You can see many photos and videos where the player is keeping the stops up with clothes pins or rubber bands.

The bass side has 3 buttons- bass/chords/air button. I find it comfortable and convenient. The black painted wooden case is in excellent condition. It includes the original thumb loop but also has D-rings for a shoulder strap. The original bellows are super tight.

It is factory tuned with the thirds flattened (Cajun style) with A440 as the reference frequency. It is tuned quite dry.

This is a fine German Weltmeister Melodeon that currently retails for $1200. No case included but a gig bag is available for an additional $60.

Additional Information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 12 x 10 in