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Supertone Milano in AD

Restored Supertone Milano button accordion in the keys of AD circa 1970. It is in very nice condition overall. A fine example of a German made instrument featuring steel reeds on zinc reedplates just tuned with A=440Hz reference.

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Restored Supertone Milano button accordion in the keys of AD circa 1970. This was made in Germany using steel reeds on zinc reedplates. It is in very nice condition overall. The pearloid covered wood case is in nice shape and shows minimal wear for an instrument of this age. There is one small spot on the back where a chip has come off. The original bellows have green colored papers and are quite tight. The bellow tape shows virtually no wear. It has 21 treble buttons and 8 bass buttons. The low buttons on each row of the treble side are the standard accidentals. The original reeds are steel on individual zinc plates. The original leather valves were removed, reedplates cleaned, one-way valves replaced and remounted and rewaxed onto the reedblocks. Final tuning occurs in situ with the reedblocks inside the case. A new bellows gasket was fitted on both sides of the bellows.

As the photo shows, the metal grill is in great shape with no rust. The original front and rear grill clothes are nice. As the video highlights I did find one treble key return spring broken. I replaced it with a similar force spring from a parts box. The wooden keyboard is intact with no cracks or missing pieces. The original bass strap is functional.

The thumb loop is old but functional. I have installed new shoulder strap brackets. The bass and bellows straps are functional. Another improvement found commonly on high end instruments that I added is a cross-bar between the treble reedblocks. This minimizes resonances and provides more even notes through the range.

Most of these older button accordions are found with numerous notes out of tune, wheezing or not sounding at all. This was just fully tuned. There are 124 reeds in this instrument and every single one has been tuned. The treble reeds were tuned with a tremolo beat frequency of approximately 2 Hz at the low notes gradually rising to about 5 Hz at the high notes, for a sweet tremolo.

Unlike most of the older Hohner and other German boxes purchased on ebay, this is ready to play without further adjustment required. I repair and tune button accordions and have specialized in button boxes.

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