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Small Piano Accordions- restored & tuned as you like


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I have several small piano accordions. Rather than restoring and tuning to my liking I have decided to see if there is any interest in any of them before I start. This will allow me to customize the restoration and tune specifically as the buyer desires. Typical refurbishment might include re-valving, re-waxing, re-padding pallets, limiting button travel, adding strap brackets, adding anti-vibration cross bars between reedblocks, new grill cloths, new bellows gaskets, etc. Not everyone wants or is willing to pay for all of these tasks so buyers can determine what is important to them and only pay for those features.

Current stock includes:
1) Hohner student model MM with 12 basses (8.5#)
2) Hohner Regina miniature MM with 12 basses (4.5#)
3) Hohner Imperial I MM reeds with 12 basses (4.7#)

Prices will range between $300 and $800. Final price will be established after discussing specific restoration and tuning specifications. Please use the contact page to let me know if one of these is an instrument you are interested in purchasing.

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 14 x 20 in