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Paolo Soprani 2 voice red Badge in F/Bb

Excellent condition Paolo Soprani “Red Badge” 2 voice in F/Bb. Just rewaxed and tuned. Circa 1960.

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Very nice condition, circa 1960 Paolo Soprani “Red Badge” button accordion in the keys of F/Bb. Just restored and tuned. This was kept with the factory tuning reference and tremolo which was 2Hz low notes up to 7.6Hz high notes. I have tested all the reeds and tuned those that had drifted. It is a 2 voice instrument. Fresh wax on all the reedplates and the original leather valves are in excellent condition. The few that were curled I have removed, flattened and remounted. Larger valves have helper springs. I added an anti-resonance crossbar between the treble blocks to suppress undesirable ‘wah-wah’ effect. The treble side button have a remarkably light touch. I measure 60 grams of force -well below most button accordions I have worked on.

The case is in excellent shape and the bellows tape show very little wear. The straps look original. The treble side has the stepped keyboard and aluminum plate on the underside. The 8 basses sound rich and full.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 12 in


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