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Hohner with stenciling, 1 row, key of C

This is a nice old Hohner in the key of C. This has steel reeds on zinc reedplates with a nice warm sound.

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This is a nice old Hohner in the key of C. This has steel reeds on zinc reedplates with a sweet warm sound. All reeds have been cleaned, revalved and tuned. On the treble side all reedplates were removed, cleaned and waxed back onto the reed chambers. The leather one-way valves have been replaced with modern plastic valves. The bass and chord side has been cleaned and revalved with modern composite valves. All were rewaxed onto the reed chambers. It has a nice stenciled brown wood case. The keyboard had a nasty hole on the underside so I have put a veneer of zebrawood over it. One treble button was missing so I pulled the axle out and replaced it. While apart I repadded the treble pallets. It has a very nice wooden grill. I have replaced the bellows gaskets. I made new bellows straps that use snaps instead of the original grommet. The bass strap has been replaced with new.

The instrument has been repadded both treble and bass sides so the action is quiet and tight. The bellows papers are worn but it is only cosmetic. The instrument is quite airtight with the new gaskets and repadding. I added felt cushions under the bass buttons.

The treble side has been completely tuned with a tremolo frequency of 2 Hz for the low notes up to 6 Hz for the highest notes. A=440 Hz was the reference frequency.

As the photo shows, the wooden grill is in nice shape. The grill clothes are also original.

Most of these older Hohner accordions are found with numerous notes out of tune, wheezing or not sounding at all. This has 60 reeds and all have just been tuned.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 8 in


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