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Hohner Liliput in C/F

Nice Hohner Liliput button accordion in the keys of C&F.

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Nice Hohner Liliput button accordion in the keys of C&F. It is in good condition overall. My guess is that it was manufactured by Hohner in Germany in the late 1930’s or 40’s. The original front grill cloth is intact but stained. The rear is nice. The purple pearloid case is in good shape with Hohner label still showing. The Liliput text is mostly worn off but some letters can be seen looking from the right angle. The original bellows are reasonably tight. There is some wear on the bellows tape where it rests on your knee. It has 25 treble buttons and 8 bass buttons.

This is a CF accordion with 2 treble voices.The low buttons on each row are the standard Hohner low notes and the third row of 4 buttons are accidentals. It has a third button start (C note is third button push on inner row). The zinc reed plates have the ‘T’ marking. It has steel reeds. The treble reedplates were removed and all leather valves were inspected and replaced if defective. All the bass and chord reedplates were removed and the leather valves replaced with modern plastic valves. The reeds were coarse tuned on a machined fixture then reattached to the reed blocks. All reeds were then fine tuned in situ. For this instrument I have tuned it a little drier than standard Hohner.

All buttons are original and in good condition although faded some. One bellows strap is also new.

I have fitted two new strap brackets. A strap is not included but can be purchased separately.

Most of these older Hohner accordions are found with numerous notes out of tune, wheezing or not sounding at all. This was completely retuned recently.

This instrument has the highly desirable old Hohner zinc reedplates.
Unlike most of the older Hohner boxes for sale on ebay and elsewhere, this is ready to play without further adjustment required.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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