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Hohner Erica in GC from Germany, Like New Condition


Classic Hohner Erica G/C button accordion made in Germany. It is 'better than new' (see details below).

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Classic Hohner Erica G/C button accordion made in Germany. It is in mint condition. There is no wear anywhere that I can see. The red celluloid wrapped case is like new. The original bellows are tight. It has 21 treble buttons and 8 bass buttons. The low buttons on each row of the treble side are the standard Hohner accidentals. The aluminum reed plates all have the ‘T’ marking. It has steel reeds. The metal grill is perfect as is the grill screen. The plastic keyboard is intact with no apparent wear. The bass, bellows and thumb straps look new. I have added strong dual shoulder strap brackets. New straps are available in the Miscellaneous product area and can be shipped with the instrument if ordered at the same time.

I contend this is better than new. Hohner moved manufacture of this model to China years ago. This is an earlier Made-In-Germany model that is higher quality and has better reeds. I have just carefully checked and tuned all 124 reeds. Hohner has manufactured these models and tuned them A=442 Hz for many years. I’m not sure why they tune it sharp but they do. I have carefully retuned the entire instrument to A=440 Hz to match modern instrument tuning. It is more precisely tuned than when it was manufactured and is playing beautifully. On the treble side the tremolo beat frequency is around 2 Hz for the lowest notes gradually rising to 6 Hz on the upper notes. It is a bit drier than the standard Hohner “wetness”. I use Viennese plus/minus tuning instead of the more common (and easier) zero/plus method so the perceived average is right on pitch.

One aspect of Hohner’s keyboard design is that, as manufactured, the treble buttons will depress down below the surface of the keyboard during play. I can add button travel limiting so they stop about flush for a modest addition fee if desired. Some folks don’t want it so I will leave that up to the new owner.

This is a fine German Hohner Erica in better than new configuration. These are quite rare now. Current new Chinese made instruments retail for around $1100.

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