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Hohner Burl C to D conversion (sold)

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Nice Hohner pre Pokerwork Burl button accordion converted to key of D using old German reedplates. The lowest treble key was changed from a low note to an accidental per customer’s request. Work Done:
remove all reeds from Hohner C
clean reedblocks
replace leather valves on all ‘new’ D reeds using plastic film valves
rewax onto Hohner soundboard
tune to mild tremolo
replace rusted metal grill (see replacement in photos)
replace bass strap
replace bellows straps
remove thumb strap and add shoulder strap brackets
replace bellows gaskets
replace rear grill screen
use C/Bb accidental reedplate at first button (chin end)
limit button travel on treble side to be flush with keyboard when depressed
repad pallets for quieter action and better seal (not required but reduces ‘clackiness’)

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