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Frans Van Der Aa 4 voice accordion in DC#

Mint condition Frans Van Der Aa in DC# in Berunda Teak wood for sale. Comes with original softshell case and one original strap. This is a beautiful 4 voice LMMH instrument with 4 treble stops and one bass stop. Manufactured in 2016.

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Mint condition black Frans Van Der Aa button accordion in DC# made in 2016. The case is made of Berunda teak wood with a satin wax finish. This is a 4 voice instrument, LMMH reed sets with a switch for each voice. This give many combinations including L, LM, LMM, LH, LMH, M, MH, MM, MMH, H, LMMH for a variety of different sounds. Comes with original softshell case and one original strap. Mr. Van der Aa is transitioning into retirement so there may not be many more new instruments coming out of his shop or at least the pace will be diminished. The flat keyboard is ‘buttery’ and plays like a dream. The sound is wonderful. The 4 treble switches are behind the keyboard and require only a light touch. The bellows are worked in nicely and supple in use. There is virtually no wear on the case or bellows. On the bass side there is one stop to control the low notes. The thirds are omitted from the chords making them ‘neutral’ versus major or minor.

I included pictures taken during manufacturing of this fine instrument.

Click here for demo video

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 8 in


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