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Castagnari Melodeon 4 stop, key of D, excellent condition

Excellent condition Castagnari one row 4 stop button accordion in the key of D.

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Excellent condition Castagnari one row 4 stop button accordion in the key of D. This high end instrument looks nearly new despite being manufactured in Italy in 1999. It has a 10 button keyboard and two button basses. It is in four voice LMM+H configuration thus has many sound options such as: L,LM,LMM,M,MM,MH,LMH,LMMH,LH,H. It features Antonelli reedplates.

The bass side has 3 buttons- bass/chords/air button. Some players find the original air button location on this model awkward. Someone has carefully moved it to a more central location. This was cleverly done without modifying the wooden case. The original hole has a black removable plug. The button now is actuated through one of the 9 vent holes on that same surface. I have not opened it up to look inside but it appears to be completely reversible. Actuation is now by the inside palm of the thumb. I find it comfortable and convenient. The black painted wooden case is in nice condition with just a few bumps and nicks. There is one dent that I have highlighted in a photo that is the most noticeable . I will include an original Castagnari shoulder strap. The original bellows are super tight.

I have just tuned all the bass and chord reeds to match A440 closely. I tweaked some of the treble reeds back to exact pitch and evened out the tremolo between the M and M+ reeds.

This is a fine older Castagnari Melodeon that currently retails for more than $2500. It features the cast metal style of logo. The button action is lighter and quicker than current models as measured by my button force gauge. Comes with a black softshell case.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in


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