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Castagnari 3 voice Tommy in DG – Walnut

Very nice condition early walnut wood Castagnari Tommy in DG for sale. Comes with one original strap and hardshell case. Just tuned. This is a very compact 3 voice LMM instrument with a stop for the low reeds.

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Wonderful early Castagnari Tommy circa 1980. It is in marvelous condition for its age. It has a walnut frame and Castagnari block logo in maple. This is before Castagnari developed their trademark “C” bellows decoration and has a diamond pattern. Comes with what I believe are the original Castagnari shoulder strap and hard shell case. Just tuned using Viennese style plus/minus tuning on the MM (mid-mid) reeds and with the low octave reeds right on pitch. It has a light swing with low notes having around 1 Hz tremolo and high notes around 4 Hz. This is a very compact 3 voice LMM instrument with a stop for the low reeds.

There is fresh wax on both the treble and bass/chord reedblocks. The valves are excellent and unchanged. There are 3 very small drilled holes on the back where something was attached in the past. I carefully plugged them and added touch-up wax to match the aged walnut. They are on the back/bottom near the lower shoulder strap bracket and completely out of sight while playing. Please see photo closeup.

The Tommy model is still available and is priced around $3200 new. In some ways this is better than new as the bellows are worked in nicely and supple in use. The wonderful reeds are sounding great. This is tuned slightly ‘wetter’ than a standard Castagnari but much drier than other instruments like Hohners.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in


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