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Baldoni Bartoli 4 voice Irish American button accordion in DC#

Baldoni Bartoli D/C# 4 voice LMMM accordion

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Fine Baldoni Bartoli button accordion in D/C#. This is a 4 voice instrument LMMM with a coupler to control the low reeds. This is a used box but in fine condition. The case is sound and sturdy. The bellows frames and treble reedblocks are in excellent shape. The sound is bright and crisp and it is in its original historic wet musette tuning. There are 152 reeds on the treble side alone! The outer D row has slightly larger buttons than the inner C# row.

The bellows look original and show some minor signs of wear. It has nice wrap-around decorations on the black case sporting a gold grill cloth matching the gold diamond on the bellows. Weight is 11 pounds. I can include a used but functional shoulder strap but new straps are available in the Miscellaneous section. It has a nice older hardshell case with ‘blanket’.

The reeds look original and untouched. The valves are relatively flat and many have helper springs. This has a full and powerful sound as it was designed to compete with other band instruments before amplification was commonplace. It can be played softly or you can make it roar! The 4 bass buttons are configured with D push A pull on one pair and D push and G pull on the other. Rare chance to own an instrument in great condition ready for many years of fine playing.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 in


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