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Scott worked as a woodworker and machinist while studying to become a design engineer. A musician for 45 years, Scott has a passion for bringing old button accordions “back to life” and newer instruments into prime playing condition. His background in both design and fabrication combined with a trained musician’s ear has resulted in the development of a state-of-the-art tuning and restoration shop.

Bellinger's Button Boxes is located in western New York State in the USA. Visitors are welcome. Please send a message on the About/Contact page to make an appointment.

Accordion Fabrication Workshop in France

I had the privilege and enjoyment of attending an 8-day button accordion build workshop. It occurred in the beautiful village of Gouaux in the Pyrenees mountains in the south of France. It was led by Emmanuel Pariselle and had twelve students and a staff of assistants. Starting with some bins full of wooden, metal and miscellaneous material parts each student assembled, glued, drilled, sanded and adjusted the components until a fully functioning instrument emerged. Some of the complicated components like the wooden grill and keyboards were laser cut ahead of time. There was a small machine shop with drill press, belt and spindle sanders and table saw that was used to fabricate and fit parts as the assembly progressed. Even the bass, chord and treble reed blocks were glued up from small pieces of wood. I chose an 11-10-4 button treble layout and the keys of BbEb with 14 basses. The boxes were populated by very fine Binci handmade (a mano) professional reeds. I am thrilled with the resulting instrument.

The food and accommodations were first rate as we were at Emmanuel’s family estate in Gouaux. While we were there a French National TV crew showed up to capture the international gathering. Students/staff were from England, Scotland, Sweden, Lithuania, United States and Germany as well as Emmanuel’s native France. I hope you enjoy this clip from the program.